Subgenre of the week #7-Ancient Evil Unleashed

Here’s a new subgenre for your horror writers, readers and fans. Ancient evil unleashed. There’s no definition for this one. What do you think it can be? It could have some archeological twist by releasing a mummy’s curse, a haunted house with ghosts, tribal chants by an African or Native American tribe, or a necromancer using her evil spirits. Voodoo perhaps or svengali magic? You’ll be the judge. What’s your definition of this subgenre and who do you know in the horror field writes all about it? This should conjure up some responses.


2 Responses

  1. An ancient evil is something that has been hidden, or stopped during ancient times such as Roman, Greek, Egyptian or when druids ruled in England,and is released into the present. I know my definition is very simple but that is how I see it.


    • Good definition Lissa!


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