Julnowrimo, Day 30: Out of sync

Well, for the second time in a row, I’ve failed my quota of 500 words again.  This time, I got a bit closer to 500 words. Due to running out of time, I stopped at 349 words with 151 words to cut tomorrow. I’ve edited in both chapters 20-21 in Venom, as I’m getting closer to the next hurdles to overcome. Nonetheless, next weekend, I’ll be working on queries and synopsis, since I probably won’t finish until 8/18 for a four day delay. It still puts me one month ahead of my original timeline. I hope August is a better month. As for Julno, one day early, I’ve hit the 50 K mark with 51, 086 words written in 9.5 chapters. Normally, I’m around 15 around here. I wrote 1724 words today as I finished chapter 9’s first scene.  I’ll probably finish July with 53 K words and then I’ll continue writing until I hit 110 K, one hour a day, starting in August.

For the other Nano mss, it’s a disaster. I’ve cut  30 words in Web of Deceit and wrote 500 words, cut 150 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction, 350 words in Double Exposure.  (I’ve failed my first quota for DE today, also due to time.)  For Specimen, I wrote 301 words in chapter 19’s first scene, which is finished.


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