16 days to blastoff!

This is it! We’re down to the final two weeks to finish Venom with two days of leeway for getting it ready. The clock is now ticking!  I’ve continued my uphill battle and cut another 500 words in Venom’s 24. Tomorrow, I’ll finish that chapter and move onto chapter 25. We’re getting there with 11.5 K to go. We’re closing it on the final 10 K for sure. This 2-year journey is coming to an end real soon! Look out agents, here I come! As for Cave-in, I wrote 1005 words today to hit the 55811 mark so far.  I’m halfway through chapter 10.

As for the other mss, things are rolling. I’ve cut 27 words in Web of Deceit’s chapter 2 (almost done) and 500 words to finish chapter 15.2 (have 500 words to start partial of 15.3, until another 10 K is cut.) I’ve also cut 161 words in Double Exposure (those 6 pages are done and finished, will start shortening scenes tomorrow), and 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction. I also wrote 307 words in Specimen’s chapter 19’s next scene-but somehow Open Office didn’t auto-save that page.  I’ll have to write that page and a new one tomorrow. The rewrite doesn’t count to word count.


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