Fourteen days to blastoff

Now we’re approaching the final weeks and days to finish Venom.  Sound the theme song from 2010 or 2010. This could be the year, when I break and defeat the odds. I’ve barely managed to cut 500 words in chapter 25 in Venom, when I ran out of time. So I’m getting closer and closer to it everyday, every step of the way, with 10.5 to go. Once  I break even tomorrow, I’m doing to the final stretch at 10 K and the final wire at 5 K. Can I make it in time? I’m doing my query list prep this weekend, before I’ll work on my synopsis, next weekend. As for Cave-in, I wrote 1036 in Clay’s newest scene in chapter 10. I hope to finish that chapter this weekend, as I stand at 59022 words.

As for the other Nano mss, it became an uphill battle: I’ve cut 50 words in Web of Deceit, 150 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction and 425 words in Double Exposure (ran out of time to make quota). I also wrote 311 words in Specimen’s 19’s next page. I’ll finish 19.3 tomorrow and hope to finish the chapter by midweek next week.


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