10 Days to blastoff: Delay

Well I’ve came across a dilemma  with Venom. I’ve cut 500 words in Venom’s chapter 28 today. I’ve hit 118 K with 8 K to go. I probably won’t get it done by next weekend. Since I lost eight days, I’m down eight days to finish, when I’ve failed my quotas. So I have an option of editing Venom for 3 hours to cut 1 K a day. If I fail, I would aim for 8/26, which would change my timeline and move it up to Labor Day Weekend.  I hope to cut 300 words around 9-10 AM, 400 words from 3-4 PM and 300 words from 5-6 PM.  So we’ll see. One way or another, it’ll  be finished by the end of the month.  For Cave-in, I wrote 1007 words for chapter 11, with my standing 64162 words so far.

For my other Nano mss, I’ve cut 64 words in Web of Deceit’s 9, 150 words in the 24-Hour Chain Reaction and 500 words for Double Exposure. I also wrote 323 words for Specimen’s next page in chapter 19.


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  1. Ever see The Waterboy w/ Adam Sandler? Yukon do it:)


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