Nine days to launch…

Well, things have changed for the better since yesterday. I’ve managed to do the impossible. I’ve cut 1 K in 3 hours for Venom. I did three hours this morning and this afternoon and 400 before supper time. Since I’ve managed to do that, I hope to do the same all the way for the next week, 1 K a day. So I’ve edited chapters 28-29, bringing me closer to 29-31 for the weekend, and back again to the start, next week. Oh well, that’s okay. I’ll leave the prologue along for now.  117 K as of today. For Cave-in, I wrote 1002 words for chapters 11-12 and finished at 65164. I should finish the first part by the end of the weekend.

For the rest of my Nano mss, I’ve cut 67 words in Web of Deceit’s 9, 100 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction and 500 words for Double Exposure.  For Specimen, I wrote another page in chapter 19 with 373 words.


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