T-2: Low Rider

Today and tomorrow I’m taking a two-day break from writing and editing, which will resume on Sunday. I’m taking this time off to do some catch up reading, finalizing my query list, work on my synopsis and query, and sent out my first five blurb requests.  I’ve fixed my query from the advice from two friends, (and am getting a third), and hoping it’s good enough as it gets. I also read the prologue and cut two words from it.  The prologue was the only chapter that didn’t get touched in the final edits. I hope it has a good enough hook for the agents. I did hear back from one author today.  I won’t reveal who she is, until it’s definite. But it’s a no for now. She congratulated me on finishing my novel. She told me, due to her crazy schedule, that she can only help authors who can contracted. She said, she hopes it happens for me real soon; and to contact her, when I do contracted, that’s when she can help me out the most. She’s also crossing her fingers for me too, and thanked me for thinking of her. So it’s a no until things change this fall. That’s it for now.


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