Well tomorrow is my first day to query Venom away, starting with Laurie McLean from MuseCon’s pitch session. She gets first priority. Once it’s been submitted, I’ll save the draft in Gmail and just changed the first paragraph for the other equeries and later queries. I’ve cut 56 words today in Venom’s 8-15 to finish out part 1. That’s a total of 96 words cut in 2.5 days. Tomorrow morning, I’ll finish Venom with chapters 16-Epilogue and hope to finish by noon. My second query goes out tomorrow afternoon with 3 chapters and synopsis. I’m glad I’ve gotten my synopsis fixed and updated today. Then I’ll also compile it and send it away, along with 5 more blurb requests to go out via email or online form.¬† After two days off, I wrote 1056 words in Cave-in’s chapter 13. I don’t know anything past it in my dreams. I’m at 73449 words right now.

Due to computer problems, I was only able to cut 64 words from Web of Deceit’s chapter 9. I’ll hit 109 K tomorrow and have 9 more K to cut, this fall. I’ll resume¬† Specimen, 24-Hour Chain Reaction and Double Exposure, in spite of the 3-day delay.


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