Tossed Grenade!

Yesterday I didn’t do any blog reporting, since there was nothing to report. Today, I’ve lined up my 20 pages to send my first partial ms “bite” via email tomorrow morning. That’s 3 chapters  + prologue. So I’m all set to send sample pages/chapters up to 21 pages or 3 chapters + prologue. So cross your fingers for me tomorrow. I did get another rejection (even on a Sunday) from query #8 on Thursday afternoon. Same as last Monday’s: standard form rejection with no feedback. I’ll keep trucking with 10 queries to go out this week.

I hope to resume editing/writing until later this week.


One Response

  1. It’s early days yet, Kristen! Keep those spirits up and strong!

    I’ll send good luck vibes your way tomorrow for your submission! 🙂


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