Double or nothing

Well here we are, almost at midweek.  I didn’t do any editing/writing today, and won’t do any tomorrow. But I’ll resume it on Thursday from noon to 5 PM and 8-8:30 PM.  On the editing side, I’ll resume 24-Hour Chain Reaction, which has 7.5 K left. I’ll finish it on 10/5/2010, one week before MuseCon, when I hope to pitch it to one of my picks (other than Venom’s) in October. I’ll be sending my pitch picks this weekend with rough estimates for word count and page count and will update it on 10/5 with the final ones. I’ll also resume Double Exposure with 43K and will finish it on 11/26/2010, the last one to finish this year. Who knows what will happen between now and then? As for writing, I have 37 K left to write Cave-in to hit 110 K, which might be incomplete like Venom was, two years ago, and Specimen was, last year, on 10/7/2010. Then I’ll start edits on 11/7 and hope to finish Cave-in sometime in mid-2011. I also have 8.5 K left to write in Specimen, which might end at 100 K even this fall. Then I’ll edit the new scenes/chapters for a finish sometime this winter in 2010-2011. As for Web of Deceit, I’m still editing and won’t hit 110 K again, until mid to late fall. This won’t be finished until 2011, probably next summer. As for Venom, unless things changes between now and 10/10/2010, I’ll do the pitch with a tweaked one.

As for the queries, I did sent out two out today, though I’ve encountered a faux pas in my first query. Due to Internet problems, I accidentally sent out an incomplete one, which didn’t save it as a draft, and had to redo the query in a new email, with a little apologetic note for the first query. I also sent out another one too. I did hear from query #1 from Laurie McLean, the one I pitched to last fall and queried last week. It was an auto-reply, saying she got my email. And due to the emails she receives daily, that email is the only one I get from her, unles she’s interested in reading more. If no word in 8 weeks, (even after the MuseCon), she’s not interested. So cross your fingers for me. Also, the response time for my partial “bite” I sent out yesterday is 4-8 weeks. So that’s 9/30-10/30/2010.  Maybe I get a treat than a trick.


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