Bullet Shot

Since I’ve learned from a fellow Twiend last night to mention the “R” word online, in case the agents I’ve queried have Googled my name, they might not ask for more, if I report the “R” bombs. So I’m going to mention the other “R” word–replacement queries. Since I’ve added another one to today’s query list, for a total of 20 equeries in 2 weeks. So if I mention a replacement query, you’ll know what happened to me instead, as our secret code word.  Otherwise, no news is good news. I did copy and paste 100 pages from Venom via Scriener to Open Office. That’s 10 chapters and the prologue. I’m figuring Venom would end around 275-350 pages. I won’t know for sure until Monday, if not Sunday.  I’m also getting ready to do my first round of snail mail submissions too.

I did return to the daily grind of editing and writing today. I’ve cut 105 words in Web of Deceit’s 9, 150 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction, and due to running out of time, (starting slow), I’ve cut 250 out of 500 words today.  I also wrote 1025 words in Cave-in’s chapter 12 at 75475 words and wrote 389 words in Specimen’s next page  in chapter 19. That’s a lot for one day.


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