Fishing for nibbles

This week starts round three for hunting for an agent for Venom. With four “R” bombs and one “bite”, something’s got to give. If nothing happens this week for more bites, I’m revamping my query and using an alternate, shorter version of it for the next week’s batch. The only equeries I’ll be sending out, is if there’s a need for a replacement query for the 16 equeries I’ve sent out in over two weeks. The next two weeks–this week and next week–will be snail mail weeks, before it’ll be a few mixed weeks before MuseCon. I’ve already tweaked Venom’s pitch and wrote one for 24-Hour Chain Reaction for next month’s Pitch Session with my top four picks. Fingers crossed.  I also copied and pasted Venom’s entire ms from Scrivener to Open Office today. 384 words before headers, 418 afterwards. Nonetheless, I had  trouble figuring it out, which messed out the alignment was again.

I’ve only cut 55 words in Web of Deceit’s chapter 9 and wrote  1053 words in Cave-in’s chapter 12.  I’m at 77550 words right now.


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