Back from a break

Sorry I haven’t been on for the past four days. Due to printer/formatting problems, I had a melt down and got stressed out Yesterday, I have the fall “blahs.” So no writing/editing took place. Since my printer/formatting problems have been fixed on Friday, my snail mail sample chapters/pages will be sent out tomorrow at the post office, after they’re being weighed, instead of last Friday and Thursday. I’ve even moved up this Friday’s mailings to be moved up to tomorrow.  I did hear from the agent that I got a “bite” from, three weeks ago. Last Friday afternoon, she gave me the big “R” bomb. She said it sounds interesting, but not right for her list at this time. Some of my Facebook friends said it’s a bit positive, since she might contact me, if her list expands. So I’ll move on and send out my fifth replacement equery out tomorrow afternoon.

I did resume writing/editing today though. I didn’t edit in Double Exposure though, due to computer problems and running out of steam. But I did cut 77 words in Web of Deceit’s chapter 9 and 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction. I wrote 290 words in Specimen’s next page for chapter 20 and 1006 words for Cave-in’s chapter 13. So that’s it in a nutshell.


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