Two mss down… almost

Well, yesterday was another slow day for me. I’ve sent out another two snail mail queries via mail.  But I’ve realized some response times for my queries are coming close to being expired–two next week, one at the end of the month. One expired yesterday; I’ll do a follow up on it, after I give them a week. One expired a week ago from today; if no word today, I’ll move on.  So a few replacement queries will be sent out next week and the following week. I’m wondering why I’m not getting any more “bites”, before I declare some answers as no response “R” bombs.  I’ve sent my query to a fellow friend, and heard back for her–too much going on, pare it down, watch for cliches. Time for plan C real soon.

I did bypass Double Exposure again  yesterday and hope to go back to it this weekend. I might put it on hold until next month. I’ll finish 24-Hour Chain Reaction in 20 days, which is 10/4/2010, one week before MuseCon starts. Hopefully this final round of edits is the last one for it.  I did cut 200 words in 24CR.  I also cut 54 words in Web of Deceit’s chapter 9, which will be deleted today. I also wrote 457 words in Specimen’s chapter 20’s next page for scene 3 and 1034 words for Cave-in’s chapter 13.


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