Interesting twist of fate

Well today was a bit interesting. I sent out an equery and a snail mail query today. In return, I get more “R” bombs via email and snail mail, including one revenge query, which I sent out on Monday. One revenge query goes out tomorrow, the equery will go out via email on Monday. And here’s the twist of fate–the agent I’ve marked a “NR” last week,  I’ve heard from her today. She apologized for the wait, and told me, that she wanted to put my query aside for a partial “bite”, but it wasn’t perfect timing. Due to the backlog, they’re only accepting nonfiction. She did invite me to re-query in a few months, if I have found no agent, to give my manuscript the attention it deserves. She did like the premise and voice for Venom. So it was an almost maybe, and landed as a “R” bomb. Another revenge equery will be sent out on Monday.  Drats!!!!!

I’ve cut 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction (9 days left until I finish, and Double Exposure returns), and 50 words for Web of Deceit’s chapters 10 and 15.  I wrote 1004 words in Cave-in’s 15 and 255 words for Specimen’s 21.


One Response

  1. hey, that’s good news 🙂 As you say, an almost bite, but reassuring.


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