Swish! Slam dunk!

Today started out very interesting to me. This morning, I woke up to a revenge equery “bomb” that I sent out yesterday. Talk about a quick turnaround for sure. I’ve also sent out another revenge equery and another one online. I also sent out one via snail mail and lost my book of stamps somewhere.  So I’ll be borrowing my mom’s stamps for tomorrow and Friday’s mail, and resume snail mail queries next week, after I go to the bank–I’ll do equeries and online queries in the meantime. This afternoon, one of the revenge equeries I sent out this morning came up positive with a “bite”. She wants to see 100 pages of Venom via email in a PDF or Word. I’ll send it to her tomorrow morning. I hope this is my ticket in, if I’m sending good vibes. Plus, I’ve gotten two snail mail “R” bombs back–both aren’t taking new clients–one is a revenge query.

I’ve passed on working on Specimen today and will resume it tomorrow. I wrote 1029 words in Cave-in’s chapter 15.  I’ve cut 50 words in Web of Deceit’s 11 and 200 words from 24-Hour Chain Reaction.


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