Throw no punches

Here we are, starting week 7 in early October. As I near 70 queries/equeries, I’m ready to throw no punches and prepare for good or bad news. I’ll  be doing equeries tomorrow and snail mail later this week. I’ve perused the Guide to Literary Agents 2011 edition,  I’ve checked all the agents I’ve queried and will be querying, even the ones that passed on me. I’ve checked their clientele list and their % of accepting new writers. Except for those who don’t mention it in their listings, the ones with 50% or higher will give me a better chance of getting a “bite.”

I’ve cut 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction and 51 words in Web of Deceit’s 11. I’ve also wrote 404 words in Specimen’s 21 and will start editing again. I also wrote 1024 words in Cave-in’s 15.


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