Today I sent out three equeries–one was a revenge equery–and got my third “bite.” Woohoo! This time, this agent wants to see the first chapter, which is my prologue of 4 pages, via email. If they think it’s a good fit for the agency, they want to see the full ms. I hope my prologue would hook them with a yes. We’ll see. I’ll be emailing them tomorrow and sending one equery out. I’ll send out my snail mail probably on Thursday, all in the same day, or maybe some in Sunday.  Think good thoughts for this touchdown I’ve scored!  I’m still waiting to hear on my pitch session picks for next week MuseCon’s. One extra agent will be a bonus next week–even if I might get one shot to do 24-Hour Chain Reaction next week.

I wrote 1005 words for Cave-in’s chapters 15-16. I cut 14 words in Specimen, 51 words in Web of Deceit’s 11, and 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction. Two more days to the finish line!


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