All or nothing

Well, I’ve sent out my partial for my third “bite” today via email and waiting for magic to happen. I’ve also sent out one query out, which came back out as a “whammy”. Talk about a quick turnaround.  Tomorrow I’ll do a bonus back-up revenge equery, until I’ll mail out my one query follow-up, and do some snail mail mailings soon. It’ll be time to make up some new revenge equery/query lists this weekend also. Next week is the Muse Con 2010 along with the pitch sessions. My #2 pick is on  Monday night, if I get it, for 24-Hour Chain Reaction; and my #1 pick is on Tuesday morning, if I land it for Venom. I hope to hear this weekend, on if I’ve gotten one or both of them, by Sunday night.

I’ve cut 11 words in Specimen, 51 words in Web of Deceit’s 11 and 200 words in 24-Hour Chain Reaction–tomorrow I’ll finish the edits. Friday, I’ll resume Double Exposure’s edits to cut the final 32 K by the end of the year.  I wrote 1012 words in Cave-in’s 16.


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