MuseCon 2010 and Beyond

Since I didn’t get a chance to post updates during Muse Con 2010, here’s a weekly update on what happened last week and this Sunday in an overview capsule.


Queries: I’ve sent out a bunch of queries last week, including 12 via snail mail, since I went to the post office and brought new stamps. I also brought new printer paper too. Nothing new turned up, other than more “nopes” and some no responses. I did send out more revenge equeries–revenge queries will return next month, after I make new labels next weekend. But I didn’t give up.

Pitches: I got the opportunity to pitch to 2 agencies last week, out of three. When I queried Gina Panetteri from Talcott Notch last week with my original pitch, I assumed it went well. Unlike Laurie McLean, when she asked questions after first sentence, she did it when I finished. She asked about what are skinks, and what else is going on with my main character’s life. I answered. She said, my pitch was confusing and wanted me to cut 10 K. According to Lea, it’s a maybe. I should’ve fixed my pitch and revised it, if I had time. Nonetheless, I’ll be doing it tomorrow and adding MUSE in the subject header. (I should’ve done that from Laurie’s query in August, and only mentioned Muse in query. I’ll be doing it in the follow-up next Wednesday, since her response time ends next Tuesday.) I also had a standby opening for Sandra Bishop from MacGregor–she didn’t show up. So I had an opportunity to do JL Stermer from NS Bienstock with new pitch (from help from Jean Viola), and pitched to her. She liked the high crisis situation, which was good. But unfortunately, she doesn’t rep thrillers (though she does rep commercial fiction.) It was a nope. She did send her to the Donald Maass website to pitch to Donald Maass or Jen Jackson. Unfortunately, I queried Jen Jackson in early September and she passed on me.

Today I’ve resumed to a little bit of writing and editing, and return to the rest tomorrow. I did sent out two online queries and one equery–two came back as a pass, all in the same day. I also had another no response too. I’ll be sending out 3 equeries and do my re-pitch to Gina Panetteri tomorrow. Wish me luck.  I did cut 54 words in Web of Deceit’s 11 and wrote 1017 words in Cave-in’s 16. Only two more days left to write, before it’s on break before mid-November edits.



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  1. Wow, you’ve been busy, explains y haven’t seen updates in several days. Don’t let editing interfere w/ nanowrimo (OW! Bit my tongue)


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