Back to normal with baby steps

Well, today I’m slowly going back to normalcy after the hectic rush from MuseCon 2010. So today I’ve sent out a few equeries, including one online, and my pitch to Talcott Notch. Let’s hope I hear from her by Thanksgiving, since the response time varies from GLA (1 week) to her website (4-8 weeks). I hope she remembers me and gets back to me ASAP. If she likes new pitch and says to cut 10 K, I might have to go to the drawing board and continue to query. I rather have a professional editor 10 K for me. For the second time this week–one today, one yesterday, two of my query follow-ups came back with the same answer: no record of query, whether I sent it out via email or mail. Luckily, they welcomed me to resend it to them via email to redeem myself. I know I sent it out,  even with a SASE for the snail mail ones. I did get one “R” bomb today via snail mail and will do a revenge equery tomorrow.

Although I didn’t get to edit in Double Exposure and Specimen today, I hope to resume it tomorrow. I did cut 50 words in Web of Deceit’s 11 and 15.3. I also wrote 1009 words in Cave-in’s chapter 15. Tomorrow I’ll write a partial for 17, since I’ll hit 110 K and go on break before edits on 11/20/2010. For Nano, I’ll write at 9:30 AM and Noon (until 11/20), and will write at 4 (from 11/20 until it’s done into Post-Nano in December.)


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