Swinging Pendulum

Today started out on a high note, when I’ve received my 4th bite, the second one from my revenge equery, for 30 pages. Today I’ve sent it out via PDF attachment and pray for good luck. Then, it swung the other way, like a clock’s pendulum, when I’ve gotten four equery slammers, (including one of the follow-ups from yesterday, which said they liked the idea and said it was unique. But they passed, since they’re only accepting nonfiction now, and only accept less than 1% new material.) So 5 equeries and oneĀ  by mail would go out tomorrow. Phew.

I only wrote 1032 words in Cave-in’s chapters 16-17, which stopped the writing process at 110443. It’ll now go on break until 11/20 before edits. Writing will resume next year, maybe for Nanoedmo or earlier. I cut 50 words in Web of Deceit’s 15.3 and will hit 107 K tomorrow with 7 K to go,


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