Bringing out the tools

Sorry for the ten day absence.  I’ve had a bit of a computer/Internet problem. And before Nano starts in 24 hours or less, I thought I’ll do a ten-day catch up. So far I’ve sent out 120 queries in nine weeks–half have been passed, a few were no responses. I’ve revamped my query 3 times and gotten five bites, though three fell through. I’ve inquired Laurie McLean this week and will do a follow up on bite #2 later this week. It had came to my attention, that I might be put querying on hold, until I refine Venom once more, whether on query break or during queries (and put the samples on hold, until it’s polished). I’ll work on Venom again for at least 2 hours a day to get it back in shape and maybe cut the 10 K Gina Panettieri wanted me to cut 2 weeks ago. I haven’t decided which way to go. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I’ve returned to editing on Friday, when I cut 23 words in Specimen. Yesterday I’ve cut 10 in Specimen and 50 words in Double Exposure. Today I’ve cut 13 words in Specimen, 75 words in Double Exposure (broke the 152 K) and 51 words in Double Exposure (broke the 107 K).


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