Nano, Day 1: And we’re off!

Yesterday¬† I didn’t chance to report here, due to Internet problems again. I did decide to take a query break for two weeks to refine Venom. I’ll be sending lots of equeries and queries in 2 weeks for sure, and resume the rest before Thanksgiving week. I hope to attend my local library’s writers workshop next week for 2 hours (if I don’t have a job yet.) My mom is helping me a bit too. So far I’ve cut 111 words between chapter one and Prologue’s page 1.¬† Not bad, if you don’t count the words I’ve added. Today I’ve cut 28 words for page 2 in the Prologue. My goal for the week is to get Prologue and chapter 1 done–next week is chapter 2 hopefully.

I’ve cut only 12 words in Specimen yesterday.

For Nano, I wrote an amazing 1637 words for Killer Wipeout’s chapter 1.1. Not a bad start.



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  1. “I’m back in the saddle again.” Stephen Tyler.;) Nice word count to kick off nano.


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