Nano, Day 14–Victory is near

Here we are in week 3 for Nano. Congrats to my friends, who have hit the 50 K, or like me, are close of the halfway mark. I’ll hit 25 K tomorrow. Today, I wrote 2069 words, when I finished chapter 5 and started 6. I hope to finish chapter 6 tomorrow.  I have no ideas beyond that. I’m waiting for my dreams to cue me in.

As for Venom, I’ve gotten chapters 1-2 fixed on both paper and computer copy. It would have to do for my full bite tomorrow, when I’ll enclose a note in the email, and take any chances on the rejection. Like I said before, I wasn’t expecting to get a full bite, when I prefer a partial one.  I’ll be working on chapters 3-4 in the next two or few days. If I average 2 chapters every 2-3 days, I should finish by late November/early December to resume querying and maybe edits, if not earlier.


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