Nano, Day 20–10 days left

Well, here we are, at the end of week 3. Most of us have won, are halfway there, or closing in to the stretch. Today I wrote the most ever in one writing session, which wasn’t all dialogue–1405 words. That gave me a high of 2049 words for the day, after I added 644 words to the chapter. I’m almost at 35 K with 34998–just missed it by two words. Time to dream more of chapter 8 and maybe go for broke with chapter 9; if not, I’ll wing it.

I did get another “R” MISSILE today. I’m down to 30 agents left to hear from, starting next week and up into mid-January. I hope to finish Venom’s final refinement in 8 weeks (1/15/2011) by then to resume queries to agents and to some publishers on 1/17/2011.  That should be enough time to get it done and be ready.


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