Nano, Day 24–Nearing the Bitter End

Today was definitely a doozy. Other than 2 NRs, I never did receive any other official word from Laurie McLean from Larsen/Pomada, since I met her at MuseCon 2009. When she liked eco-thrillers and Venom’s title, but questioned on the genre of it. It was a maybe last year, when she wanted me to raise the stakes and up the ante with a “save the world” angle. And I did that for the past 10 months, until I queried her in late August. She was the first agent I queried and gave her what she wanted. Other than that auto-reply in September, no reply back from her, even on my follow-up with Venom’s reminder. It’s over. Time to move on. I’ll do a follow-up for Gina Panettieri from Talcott Notch on Monday with 3 other agents, as one agency will expire next Monday.

Before edits resume on Monday, I didn’t do any edits on Venom today–will resume on Friday. I did have another high word count today with 1271 words for the first round this afternoon, and 535 words for round 2, this afternoon. 1806 words for today, 42174 words for a total, I’m getting closer to 44 K.



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