Nano, Days 25-26—Final Stretch

Since I had Scrivener issues last night, I didn’t do my blog. So tonight, it’s a two for the prize of one. First of all, no bad news to hit Thanksgiving weekend so far. We don’t know about tomorrow.  I’ll return to edits on Monday for Cave-in, Specimen, and Web of Deceit. It’s going to be a slow start for sure.

I did go back to work on Venom’s final refinement today to chapter 1 on the computer and will finish it tomorrow. Chapters 3-4 will be done this weekend on paper and on computer. Starting tomorrow, I have eight weeks to get it done, before I enter the foray of another round of queries. Call me crazy. But a fellow Twitter friend told me about this ms contest from The Knight Agency. (Sssh. Can you keep a secret? Although I queried them back in early September, the response time to hear from them is up. Instead of doing a follow-up on Monday to them, I’ll enter the contest. I’ll have 3 pages ready for Tuesday, and if I make the next cut, I’ll have 10 by Thursday. If I don’t make it, that’s okay. I’ll do a follow up and move on.) Check out this website for more info:

As for Nano, yesterday on my 4th annual Thanksgiving writing sessions, I wrote a total of 1830 words, and had the final word count of 44004. Today, I wrote a total of 2053 words, and now is at 46057 words for the final so far. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.


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