Nano, Day 28–Winner’s Circle!!

All aboard the Snoopy Dance train. I’ve won my 4th Nano in a row and validated it. I wrote 2106 words today and finished with 51068 words to boot. I’ve closed part 1 and ended chapter 10. Now to dream and plot part 2, chapter 11.  Yeah! I’ll continue to write more for 1.5 hours, until Wednesday, when I’ll do it for 1 hour, average 1000-1200 words a day, until I hit 110 K–another 60 K to go, next month.

I’ll resume edits in Specimen and Web of Deceit tomorrow, and start Cave-in’s first round. I’ve worked on Venom’s chapters 3-4 on paper and have fixed 3 on the computer. Chapter 4 is next to fix on computer tomorrow, along with chapter 1. Then I’m all set to make the 125 people for the Knight Agency contest on Tuesday. Stay tuned. (P.S. According to a Twitter friend, they probably didn’t get my email I sent in September, and probably landed in spam. She told me, they always reply to their email. So I’ve gotten a better shot, and will do a follow-up, just in case, if I don’t  make the next round.  I hope my 3 pages in chapter 1 (formerly prologue) does the trick…


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