Nano, Day 29–Dark Tunnel

Nano ends tomorrow. Congrats to all the winners. To those who didn’t finish, keep going. Nano is a great template to get you started. As we head into NanoFimo or Post-Nano mode, we’ve keep going to finish our novel. For those who’ve finished during Nano, I suggest you give it a month off before polishing, as we go at our own pace.  I wrote down 1727 words to start part 1, chapter 11 for Killer Wipeout. That brought me to 51895 words so far in our final #Nano days. After tomorrow, I’ll be dwindling it down to one hour a day.

I did get a NR today. And I did hear from Gina Panettieri from Talcott Notch–the agent I pitched and queried to last month–on my follow up. It’s a pass. She told me, it showed potential, had a lot to recommend it (tension, sympathetic heroine), loved the locale of Key West, and and that the plot/query sample was intriguing. But she wasn’t in love in the plot and wasn’t sold on it to take it on in today’s market. Oh well. I did send two follow-ups today. I’m also ready for tomorrow’s contest at the Knight Agency blog. Chapters 1 and 4 are ready and fixed. I’ll do it first thing tomorrow, once it’s on site. I’ll let you know, if I’m one of the 125 entrants.

I’ve cut 13 words in Specimen, 27 words in Cave-in, 50 words in Double Exposure, and 56 words in Web of Deceit.


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  1. Hugs Hugs, Kristen, WAY TO GO!


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ren, Kristen Howe. Kristen Howe said: As #Nano ends, come join me at 2 giv me hugs. PLS RT. […]


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