Post-Nano, Day 1: Keep the fires burning

Well Nano is officially over. NanoFimo/Post-Nano is here.  I’ve wrote 1272 words in one hour, which isn’t so bad after all, and have upped my word count to 54710 words. I still have ways to go to finish. I hope to finish chapter 11 tomorrow afternoon.

As I’m anxiously waiting to hear if it I did or didn’t make the first cut for the TKA contest, I’ve worked on chapters 2 and 5 today. I’ll finish chapter 2 to have my chapter 2 ready for my 10 pages for tomorrow, as I hope to polish it for round 2, if I make it. Fingers crossed.  I did get two passes today though, as I gear up to query again in mid-January, try publishers, and recycle those passed agents with new projects (24-Hour Chain Reaction) and try new agents (those who are medium-sized or bigger) in same agencies for a second shot.

I’ve cut  23 words in Cave-in,  17 words in Specimen, 50 words in Double Exposure, and 53 words in Web of Deceit.


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