Post-Nano, Day 2–Close call

Well today was Day 2 in the TKA contest to make it to the second round. As of noon today, I’m no longer in the running, since I didn’t make the top 30. Nonetheless, Deirdre Knight told me via reply in my tweet, that mine was a tough choice–but she really liked it! 🙂 She invited me to send in more work, like 24-Hour Chain Reaction for example. After that bright ray of sunshine, I’ve did a follow up and heard back, along with my email that I didn’t make the contest’s second round.

Apparently, as I suspected, my email didn’t make it to their inbox. So  I’m only going to do a requery them, via a reply to the same email I’ve heard back from, amend my query with the contest’s note, and try again. If no word in two weeks, I’ll try it via another email address. (At least my Gmail worked for the contest.) I might be out of the contest, but have a fair shot to get her via query–I do need an answer for my records, other than a NR. This is the 6th time it happened to me. 😦 No other losses today.

I did final tweaks to 2, and will be working on chapters 5-6 this weekend. Since I have no pressure from the contest, I still hope to finish it in 7 weeks for another query round. I wrote 1133 words in Killer Wipeout’s for chapter 11 in #Nanofimo, a total now of 55843.  I’ve cut 16 words in Specimen, 23 words in Cave-in, 50 words in Double Exposure, and 54 words in Web of Deceit.


2 Responses

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  2. Bummer abt the contest. How many chaps do you see in KW (is 1st draft projected 2 b 120k or 200k?)


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