Post-Nano, Day 3–Shut Out

Well, I did a new query to TKA and heard back from them in five hours. It came back a negative–not a good fit for agency, not looking to see new material. It makes me wonder on Deidre Knight’s response via tweet–did she really like it, or was she being nice? I don’t know. You tell me. That’s the only loss for today. I also didn’t do any work on Venom’s 5 today.  But will work on chapters 5-6 this weekend for both paper and computer versions.  We’re now down to 7 weeks left to finish Venom and get ready to re-launch a new round of queries, as I’m down to 53 agents left to hear from, this month and next month.

I wrote 1001 words in Killer Wipeout and have a total of 56844 words now. I’ve cut 13 words in Specimen, 26 words in Cave-in, 50 words in Double Exposure, and 51 words in Web of Deceit.


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