Post-Nano, Day 4–A glimmer of hope

Okay. I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter. Still, in lieu of Deirdre Knight’s tweet on Thursday and the turnaround answer on Friday, I did what I have to do to get clarification. I’ve sent her a FB message and asked her for clarification–I also told her about yesterday’s email, post-contest. She told me to email her directly at her email address with my query. So I’ll do that on Monday and see what happens for final answer–is there a door wide open, or has it been shut for now? Stay tuned on Monday.

I also got one snail mail rejection–the only one for the week. Oh well. I wrote 1191 words for Killer Wipeout’s chapter 12 and have a total of 58035 words so far. As for how many chapters for first draft, I have no idea yet. I haven’t dreamt that far yet. Maybe 25-30, since my novels are two or three parters. We’ll see.  I cut 13 words in Specimen, 35 words in Cave-in, 50 words in Double Exposure and 52 words in Web of Deceit.


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