Post-Nano, Day 14–Tough times

Well, today I’ve heard back on one of my follow-ups, that was going to expire tomorrow, and from one of my queries, when the response time would expire tomorrow. Both came back as the dreaded “R” bombs, along with one “NR” missile.  So that brings me down to 42 agents to hear from, including 3 requesting partials/full bites, and those whose follow-ups expire this week. In five weeks, I’ll be back on the saddle again, with a new full launch of attack to agencies and even to pubs. In March, I’ll catapult 24-Hour Chain Reaction to those agents who’ve passed on me. Slow work began in Venom’s 3’s re-tweaks, and Venom’s 4-6 would be work on, hopefully this weekend.

I wrote 1144 words in Killer Wipeout and will finish chapter 13 tomorrow, with a standing word count at 69944. I’ve cut 19 words in Specimen and have hit 110 K–9 K left to go. I’ve also cut 25 words in Cave-in, and  50 words in Web of Deceit.  I’ve also cut 100 words in Double Exposure and hit 152 K-41 left to go.


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