Post-Nano, Days 16-17–Slow ride

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post my blog report. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten another “NR” bomb. Slow work have been done on Venom’s 3. We’re way behind schedule. But I’m getting ready to prepare for 2011’s relaunch of querying agents and do some publishers too. I’ve got the guts and the drive to do it and propel me forward to obtain that “YES!” Today I’ve gotten two more “NR” bombs via email. No work done on Venom today.  But this weekend, we’ll finish chapters 3-4 and plunge right into 5 for sure. We’re down to five weeks left, starting tomorrow.

No edits or writing done today. Yesterday, I wrote 1152 words to start chapter 14 in Killer Wipeout with 72227 words. I’ve cut 12 words in Specimen, 26 words in Cave-in, 55 words in Web of Deceit, and 100 words in Double Exposure.



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