Post-Nano, Day 18–Catching up

Today, things tend to be picking up, though it was a slow day. Between a headache and fatigue,  I did work through it and got things done. No new surprises via email or mail today. Five weeks from today, I’ll prepare to query again and target some publishers with a a final polish to Venom. As for Venom, 3’s done, 4’s almost done, 5’s ready to be rewritten tomorrow. (Since I bumped my prologue to chapter 1, my chapters have been bumped down a chapter.) I hope by X-mas Weekend, we’ll get down to chapter 10, since I’ve got 25 chapters left to go.

For Killer Wipeout, I wrote 1023 words in chapter 14, and have a standing word count of 73250 words. I’ve cut 10 words in Specimen, 20 words in Cave-in, 52 words cut in Web of Deceit, (hit 106 K, 5 K to go to write in 2011), and 100 words in Double Exposure.


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