Post-Nano, Days 21-25–Holiday catchup

Sorry I haven’t been on posting anything new in the past four to five days.  I’ve ran out of steam to do any editing, up until now, between the cold weather and shopping for the holidays.  If I did post anything, it would’ve been really short, since I only had energy to do the writing portion of it.  So here’s a holiday catch up.

As for Venom, chapters 3-4 are done and five is halfway done of being rewritten. Although two weeks behind on schedule, and hopefully one more month to go, before I query again, I hope to tackle chapters 6-10 this coming up week to get close of being halfway done.  As for the queries process, I’ve gotten a few “R” bombs, including from bite #5, and one “NR” missile. I’m now down to 2 bites so far to hear from next month or so.

As for today’s edits, I’ve cut 10 words in Specimen, 16 words in Cave-in, 24 words in Web of Deceit, and 125 words in Double Exposure.  On Tuesday, I wrote 1004 words for Killer Wipeout and had the standing word count of 76350 words. On Wednesday, I wrote 1030 words, as the word count was at 77380. On Thursday,  I wrote 1033 words with the word count at 78413.  Yesterday, I wrote  1275 words and placed the word count at 79688. And today, I wrote 1043 words to start chapter 15–the word count is now at 80731. I’ve got 30 K left to write for now.


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  1. Everyone needs a Holiday and you work hard. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Miss you!



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