Post-Nano, Day 31–Goodbye Bad Luck

Happy new year everyone! Today’s the last day in December, of 2010, and the first round of post-nano. Nothing new to report, other than I’m slowly working on Venom’s 6. In 17 days, I’ll be querying again. For my first round of  queries, my scoreboard is 98 rejections, 23 no responses, 7 bites, and 20 agents to hear from in January. Let’s hope 2011 is my year.

I wrote 1039 words for Killer Wipeout’s chapter 15. My word count is now at 87069 words. I’ve cut 17 words in Cave-in, 25 words in Specimen, 56 words in Web of Deceit, and 150 words in Double Exposure. My editing goals for 1/2011, for Specimen and Cave-in, is to cut 25-50 words a day, 50-100 words for Web of Deceit, and to cut 200 words by the end of January for Double Exposure.


2 Responses

  1. Seems you have your New Years Resolution set 🙂


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