Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 4: Bullet Holes

Today I’ve gotten my first three hits as in no responses via email. It had only just begun.  For now on, I refer NRs as tsk tsk tsk in my blog posts. (Grumbles for rejections, yippees for acceptances!) Oh wow, time to get a bullet-proof vest to stop more incoming shots to the heart. As for Venom’s 6, it’s going to need some work, as to cut leftover repetition, remove cliches, and polish the English. Nonetheless, I hope to finish final work on Venom by the end of the month.  I hope we can do it, since we’re 3.5 weeks behind schedule.

I wrote 1100 words to kickstart chapter 16 in Killer Wipeout with a whopping 91595 words for the word count. I’ve cut 25 words in Cave-in, 27 words in Specimen, 59 words in Web of Deceit, and 150 words for Double Exposure.


One Response

  1. You gotta have faith my friend. Read up on how many rejections Mary Higgins Clark got early on….


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