Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 6-7: Slow as a turtle

Sorry everyone for not getting to post my blog last night. So I’m adding last night’s update to tonight’s.  I’ll explain why for my absence in a minute.  First of all, nothing down the wire for the past two days–quiet week for emails and snail mail. In one week, I’ll be querying again. This weekend,  I’ll print out new labels. Last night, there was a mini pitch session on Twitter for the Caren Johnson Literary Agency for one hour. It was tricky to get it down to 130-140 characters. But I was able to do it. I’ve pitched to the agent of my choice; and due to Twitter’s fast-moving queue, it was pushed down. So no one replied to mine. It was frustrating, since that’s one of the agencies I have left to query for the next 6 weeks. Nonetheless, I was going to do an early query today, and decided not too–I’ll do it as planned in mid-February. That’s why I wasn’t on, except for cleaning my emails.

Work on Venom is still slow on 6. So I hope to get more down this weekend for chapters 6-8 to pick up the pace. I wrote 1114 words in Killer Wipeout yesterday–the word count was 92709. Today I wrote 1184 in Killer Wipeout and will finish that scene tomorrow, with a word count of 93893 words.  Yesterday I cut 25 words in Specimen, 50 words in Web of Deceit, 51 words in Cave-in and 100 words in Double Exposure. Today I cut 25 words in Cave-in, 29 words in Specimen, 55 words in Web of Deceit, and 100 words in Double Exposure.


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