Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 13–Unlucky again

Well today I’ve did a follow up to bite #5 and heard back from them this afternoon. Once again, it fell through–they said they read it, but not interested on taking it on at this time. Pooh.  I also gotten another tsk tsk tonight too. Well, I’m almost ready to start querying again, and taking a deep breath.  No work done on chapter 6 today in Venom–but from this moment on, we’re going to finish chapters 6 and do chapters 7-8 this weekend.

I finished chapter 16 for Killer Wipeout with 1044 words and at 99285 words so far. I’m down to my final 11 K. I’ve cut 10 words in Specimen (finished editing round), cut 26 words in Double Exposure, 27 words in Cave-in, and 60 words for Web of Deceit.


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