Post-nano, Round 2, Day 16: Fire away!

Well, here we are, the end of my  query break after 2.5 months. Now back to go for my dreams via email/online, and snail mail. And with an additional business, I’m going for the traditional publishing houses, even if it’s closed to unsolicited submissions with an agent.  It couldn’t hurt. Most people have told me to go for it anyway. Why not? It might change things. My queries, synopsis, sample pages/chapters and labels are all set. No work on Venom–hope to finish chapter 6 tomorrow and move forward to chapter 7.

I’ve cut 1123 words in Killer Wipeout’s 17 with a closing word count at 102488 words with 8 K left to go. It ends next week, before I’m  on break until Nanoedmo in March. I’ve cut 25 words in Cave-in and Specimen, 27 words in Double Exposure, and 66 words in Web of Deceit.


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