Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 24–Happy Dance

Today was a pretty good day. Although it started out with one snail mail bomb, it ended up with one glowing email. And this time, it’s my 9th bite. This is special, since this is an exclusive.  That means, no queries, since they want to look at it, for two weeks only for them to view my work, and see if they want to rep me. Mine would be sent out tomorrow. My queries are on hold–but not my follow-ups though.  Writing is done on Killer Wipeout for now, as I continue edits on Venom.

For the last writing day for now on Killer Wipeout, I wrote 1127 words with a word count of 110020 words in chapter 18. I’ve cut 30 words in Cave-in, 38 words in Double Exposure, 40 words in Specimen, and 55 words in Web of Deceit.


One Response

  1. Way to go on the exclusive bite! Hope they sign you.


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