Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 39-Shake it Up

Well things kicked into high gear. I’ve sent out more queries today via email and snail mail, and gotten two NRs  back in full force. More will be sent out tomorrow.  As for Venom, my crit  group loved chapter 2 and had one nitpick. As for chapter 7, it’ll be done tomorrow, as chapter 8’s hitting a speedbump. Since  November, for the past four months, we’ve gotten seven chapters done, which is way too slow. I need to shake things up and work harder, and think about getting a professional affordable editor. If I’m going to get it done in 19 days, I need to keep going and hit chapter 10 by the weekend is possible.

I’ve cut 50 words in Cave-in, 52 words  in Specimen, 54 words in Double Exposure, and 63 words in Web of Deceit.


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