Post-Nano, Round 2, Days 42-43: Score and home base!

Yesterday I didn’t do any editing, between my job interview and errand.  But something big did happen to me. Besides a morning R bomb, and before two NR missiles, I’ve gotten an email from the assistant editor of the publisher’s imprint I queried on Tuesday. Talk about fast! They wanted to see more of Venom and asked for a partial bite–a synopsis and first 3 chapters ASAP in an attachment. The editor is interested. Although when you query publishers, your chances are 25% out of 100%, since most won’t accept unagented queries. Only that small percentages allowed unagented work; and I found the right one. We’ll see what happened. As chapter 7 have been finished, chapter 8 is having issues and will be worked on most of the week. I hope to get chapter 12 by next week and aim for a early to mid March finish, if not done in 2 weeks from here.

I’ve cut 51 words in Specimen, 52 words in Cave-in, 55 words in Double Exposure, and 59 words in Web of Deceit tonight.


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