Post-Nano, Round 2, Day 48-Winding Road

As we near the end of this week, I’m out of stamps. So it’s time to do some  equeries for awhile, until I get more money for those stamps for those snail mail submissions. 24 more to go, (excluding publishers), via snail mail, while the rest are emails for the rest of this month. Venom’s 8 is slowly coming along together, but not fast enough. It’s time to kick it up and ride this winding road. We should’ve been done with Venom weeks ago, and not be too FAR and way behind. It’s more likely we’ll finish on 3/15 or around there at this rate.  Only three new Rs landed into the toilet bowl to flush down.

I’ve cut 50 words in Cave-in and Web of Deceit, 53 words for Double Exposure, and 55 words in Specimen.


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