Nanoedmo, Day 2: Potholes

Well we have started our engines for Nanoedmo and March Madness querying. I’ve sent out three more queries to Venom and three more to Chain Reaction–I’ve gotten two Rs for Venom and one same day rejection for Chain Reaction. It was one of the six agencies I’ve gotten a fall partial from, and then later passed. They just gave me a R. I guess, they preferred Venom over Chain Reaction though. Nonetheless, I’ll try two other agents in that agencies later this year with both mss, and that agent with Specimen, when it’s ready. The same deal with go with others Rs and NRs for Chain Reaction, with more than one agent. If there’s only one, then that’s it, until Specimen’s ready for round 3. As for Venom’s 8, there’s been a pothole in chapter 8’s ending, and will be fixed and finished tomorrow, before I go to chapter 9.

I’ve cut 57 words for Web of Deceit, 75 words for Double Exposure, 78 words for Cave-in, and 81 words for Specimen. For Nanoedmo, I’ve cut 224 words for Killer Wipeout’s chapters 1-2.)


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