Nanoedmo: Day 15–Target Practice

Here we are at the halfway mark for Nanoedmo and March Madness. Things are picking up steam, full speed ahead, with Venom’s 8 done and 9 is underway. Hopefully, it would be smooth sailing from here on out with no wrinkles. Unfortunately, I want to growl with two Venom Rs (one from publisher) and three for Chain Reaction. Time to revamp the query for Chain Reaction if needed for better luck. No one wants to nibble. But with Venom last year, I’ve gotten 1-2 bites at this time. Hmm.

I’ve cut 59 words in Web of Deceit, 77 words for Double Exposure and Cave-in, 84 words in Specimen, and 213 words for Killer Wipeout.


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