Nanoedmo, Days 16-17: Streak of Luck?

Well, yesterday, I didn’t do any regular editing, due to late afternoon errands. But it did return today. Venom’s 9 is underway, since I finished chapter 8 yesterday. Hopefully 9 will be done by the end of the weekend, or maybe earlier, when chapters 10-14 can be worked on next weekend. We might not make it, two weeks from yesterday. So we’ll do our best and see where we stand. I’ve ended up with one R each for Venom and Chain Reaction yesterday (excluding one pub R)–today, I’ve scored 3 Rs for Venom and one partial bite for Chain Reaction. This is the same agent who asked for a partial last fall for Venom and declined–she’s only listed in the 2011 Edition of the Guide of Literary Agents. We’ll see what next week brings… when I requery that agent from last fall again.

I’ve cut 53 words in Web of Deceit, 76 words for Double Exposure, and 77 words for Cave-in and Specimen; for Nanoedmo, I’ve cut 203 words in Killer Wipeout yesterday and 200 words in Killer Wipeout today.


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